worship service: 10:00 AM
Welcome to Second Presbyterian Church,

When I accepted a call to Second Presbyterian In the spring of 2012, I had a mental image of a “little church in Nashville?whose people would welcome all, would advocate for social justice, would seek deep meaning in their lives, and find home in its community. True, Second is more large than small now, with a membership somewhere above 500, but it doesn't feel that large because people know one another and care about each other. There are many avenues into the church for many different kinds of people ?for the introvert and extrovert, for people who thought they had given up on church, for the longtime Presbyterian who loves solid reformed worship, for people who enjoy a creative blend of the arts, music, proclamation and the presence and nurturing of children in worship, for people who want to learn in all sorts of ways, for people from other traditions seeking to grow in their faith and understanding . . . You name it. There is a lot going on here.

The over-arching desire at Second is to be open to the love of Christ, a love which knows no dividing lines and makes no exclusions, a love which challenges and generates new life, a love which strengthens and heals.

From mid-August through early June, we have two Sunday worship services - the early service at 8:15 is more intimate while the second gives space and voice to the full power of proclamation, prayer and song. Gifted musicians, an excellent choir, a singing congregation, and artistic expressions of the church seasons all express the range of beauty we see in life and the creation.

This is a place to come when you don't have answers, a place where you can share discoveries and insights, find comfort, peace and healing in the questions and the doubts that mark an honest life of faith. It's a place where learning is highly valued, and where leadership is honored and shared, where people of all ages -- children and youth, young adults and parents, older adults in various family configurations and those enjoying the wisdom of their years --- are nurtured and embraced.

There is truly a place for everyone. Come, worship, learn and enjoy!

Rev. Dr. Mary Louise McCullough

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